About Geelong

Geelong, Victoria's largest regional city with a population of 230,000 people is located 75 kms south west of Melbourne on the shores of Corio bay.

The city has been a major manufacturing centre for over 100 years. A large engineering industry has developed to support manufacturing within and outside the region. Under the auspices of the Geelong Manufacturing Council an engineering network of companies with highly skilled staff and capability will compete for work in Australasian and global markets.

Geelong's transport and logistics infrastructure is unparalleled in Australia, with a major port, airport, national rail and roads all linked for easy access and moving completed projects to site.

The Geelong region has a long history in manufacturing. It is not surprising, therefore, that today one-third of the region's top 25 businesses come from this sector. Overall, the region has over 500 manufacturing companies employing some 14,000 people. This is around 18 percent of the region's workforce. When the multiplier effect is taken into account, however, manufacturing is responsible for 41 percent of the regional workforce.

The region's manufacturing base is supported by first class engineering education, research and development facilities.

Geelong has much to offer the manufacturing industry:

Access to an efficient transport network, with road, rail, sea and air facilities close to the CBD and manufacturing areas.

Some of the world's foremost R&D capabilities - CSIRO Centre for Materials, Science and Engineering, CSIRO Animal Health Laboratory, Deakin University, V-CAMM Victorian Centre for Advanced Materials Manufacturing and the Marine and Freshwater Institute.

Strong commitment from local tertiary institutions, Deakin University and the Gordon Institute of TAFE who offer vocational, workplace and formal qualifications in engineering fields.

A welcoming business and local government environment.

An established network able to facilitate networking and provide firsthand experience in doing business in Geelong.

The support of over 10,000 business enterprises.

The region has a high export focus...

Over 90 per cent of engineering firms in Geelong provide their services outside of the region.

The core manufacturing businesses in the region are automotive components, metals, textiles, food processing, chemical, petroleum and aerospace engineering.

As such, Geelong is a major location for industrial development in Australia.